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Adam Dietrich is an accountant and QuickBooks Pro Advisor who has been with Wolford Companies since 2012.

Adam’s interest in accounting spawned from a variety of experiences in business management. He has worked managing small businesses, from real estate to retail, and has worked in the automotive industry and in outside sales. These experiences partnered with his attention to detail, has allowed him a unique perspective. It is with this perspective that he makes recommendations to aide business owners in their financial decisions.

Adam’s professional passion is helping businesses analyze their unique structures, identify procedures, best practices, and cost savings techniques that can be put in place to improve company operations. He possesses strong analytical and problem solving skills and enjoys being a part of his clients’ decision making processes.

In his time at Wolford Companies, Adam has had the opportunity to work with companies in a variety of fields. With different clients he has: taken a company from paper-based to electronic, cloud-based accounting; transitioned a growing company from a sole-proprietorship to a corporation; assisted with project management, project analysis, and coordinating contractors; and taken on Human Resources rolls in onboarding new hires, selecting company-wide insurance policies and options, and managing 401K accounts and policies.

Adam’s ability to see the big picture of business operations and his eye for detail in accounting have made him an asset to Wolford Companies. Clients he works with appreciate his direct communication and his ability to anticipate company needs.