Brad Wolford is a Certified Bookkeeper who specializes in the details of transactions. His interest spawned from his experience working for accountants who had difficulty budgeting the time it takes to do books effectively or efficiently. And yet, maintaining accounts both effectively and efficiently is required for a business to focus on growth and moving forward.

Higher level work only has value if the feed of data coming from the accounts is accurate. Brad believes that by developing his skillset around the details of transactions, he could become better at higher level thinking. Brad has spent his time perfecting skills on which most people do not focus – this has led to an opportunity.

With industry examples not focusing on the level of detail that Brad felt necessary, he set out to build a business from the ground up. Brad began etching out Wolford Companies’ place in the world by providing high-level, accurate, and detailed accounting services at a reasonable price, thus freeing up business leaders to focus on the growth and prosperity of their business.

Brad brings a “same-side-of-the-table” mentality to his work with clients. He enjoys being part of the client’s decision-making process by giving them accurate and useful data with which to make their decisions. He has used his leadership skills to establish and consistently develop a team of skilled individuals that see and work toward his vision.

Brad and Wolford Companies achieve their dreams when their clients succeed.