Donal Ambrocio joined the Wolford Companies team in April 2019. Donal is currently enrolled at Chesapeake College and is set obtain his associate degree in Accounting at the end of this year. He plans to continue his education at University of Maryland University College to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and then on to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Prior to joining the Wolford Companies team, Donal worked between the restaurant and retail industries, where he learned to work in fast-paced, competitive environments. He also learned to perform in a calm manner under frenzied circumstances, yielding a productive, team-oriented work environment for everyone.

Donal’s interest in accounting began during his senior year in High School when he was introduced to the subject while taking a business course. From there, he did his research on the career and became fascinated with how easily accounting terms affixed themselves to his brain, compared to other school subjects. Additionally, Donal quickly became aware of how his time management and organizational skills applied to accounting, as well as the opportunities that the accounting field has to offer.

Now, Donal combines his previous learning, his ongoing education, and what Wolford Companies is teaching him, in order to continue his growth development within his chosen career. Donal is especially eager to make a positive impact on business owners relative to their finances.

When Donal isn’t working, he enjoys running, playing soccer, and spending time with his friends and family.