With a BS in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration, John’s focus and passion is financial analytics and business practices.

John’s journey started at the University of Maryland College Park where he began as a Mathematics major. After contemplating the best application for his proficient math skills, he decided that his options were either teaching or accounting.

Although John appreciated his teachers and the work they provide to society, the business world spoke to him. He understood that if he could go out into the world and apply his knowledge and skill, he could help clients prosper. Work in the private sector provided the outlet needed to apply his trade.

While obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, John worked full time at a transportation company as a customer service manager. The communication and leadership skills developed in customer service has been vital in his accounting career.

John started his career with Wolford Companies in December 2016. His ability to anticipate client needs and communicate in an effective manor has allowed John to prosper in his career.