Kara joined the Wolford Companies family as an accountant in December 2017. She brings to the team her exceptional skills in project management and client relations.

Prior to having her two kids, Kara was a television news director and commercial producer. These positions helped hone her skills in a fast-paced, high-stress environment, where quick decision making was a must.

During her time as a commercial producer, Kara was in charge of large budgets. The more time she spent reconciling those budgets, the greater her appreciation for accounting grew. It seemed a natural fit when she was hired to be a part of the Wolford Companies team. She is now on track to become a certified bookkeeper.

Kara is passionate about fitness. She is a certified spin instructor and in her spare time likes to run and lift weights. You will often hear her singing in the office. Feel free to tell her to be quiet, she most likely doesn’t realize she’s doing it.