Magoo first joined the Wolford Companies family in 2015. He quickly surveyed his coworkers and pushed himself through the ranks finally settling towards the top in a management position as the Pest Control Manager. 

Magoo prowls the office in search of any small or furry intruders to ensure that the office stays pest free and is such a master of his craft that he often finds himself with enough free time to lounge about the office and nap. When he is not hunting or taking a much needed cat nap, Magoo makes his rounds and takes it upon himself to, rather loudly, voice his comments and critiques to his coworkers before demanding that they stop what they are doing so that they can pet him.

Magoo cares deeply for the wellbeing of his coworkers and takes it upon himself to ensure that they stay in shape and always on top of their game, for at any moment he can escape out of the office and tear across the parking lot causing the entirety of Wolford Companies to stop what they are doing and chase after him. 

In his free time, Magoo likes to lay on keyboards, test the strength of the carpet against his claws, and show some extra affection to his two coworkers that he knows are allergic to him.