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Matthew Shroyer is a Certified Public Accountant. He was the original advisor to the Wolford Companies team, before there even was a Wolford Companies team, and he now serves as the company’s Vice President.

In the early days of the company, back when it went by the name The Bradley Wolford Company, Matt was employed at a boutique CPA firm in Rockville, MD. While improving his skills at that firm, he served as an informal advisor to this company’s founder, Brad Wolford.

It was through Matt’s advisory relationship with Brad that he eventually came to realize that he would like to put his knowledge and skills to use in an environment where he would have a more direct and immediate impact on his clients. Matt’s desire for his clients was not merely to ensure that their accounting books were accurate for compliance purposes, but that they would be accurately maintained on a real-time basis.

Matt’s accounting background prior to Wolford Companies began in 2005 when he went back to school for his accounting degree from University of Maryland, University College. His 3.5+ GPA allowed him to quickly establish a career when he received his B.S. in Accounting in May 2007. At that CPA firm, where he worked for seven years before joining Wolford Companies, Matt prepared individual and business tax returns many different types and sizes of clients, and performed audits, reviews, and compilations for companies in the construction, real estate, and non-profit sectors, among others.

Prior to starting his life in accounting, Matt worked for several years installing and repairing residential heating and cooling systems and then another few years installing kitchens. In this sense, Matt has always been hands-on; and we are happy to have him here in his current hands-on role, consistently ensuring not only the integrity of our clients’ accounting records, but also their applicability to the real-world issues that our clients face.