Our Services



Accounts REceivable

Integrate and match the billings from the practice management system to QuickBooks.


Downloading checking and credit card statements from financial institution(s) on a routine basis.

Inventory Management

Understand current inventory and financial implications of such.

Accounts Payable

Receiving, entering, and paying bills.

Sales Tax

Recording, filing, and remitting Sales Tax liabilities to all jurisdictions.


Ensure invoices are paid promptly.


Reconcile accounts on a cash basis.

Monthly Reporting

Create monthly balance sheet, P/L, and equity detail reports.

Year-End Close-out

Close-out financials for the year.





Human Resources


The process by which an employee comes on board and is integrated into the company successfully. 


These are the Human Resource functions that occur at regular intervals past onboarding and prior to off-boarding.


This is the process by which an employee leaves the company, whether by choice, agreement, or termination.

Payroll Processing

Run payroll and import payroll transactions into accounting system.


Business Administration and Consulting

Financial Business Planning

Advise clients on the best ways to manage their daily cash flow. 

Succession Planning

Advise clients on how to plan for their legacy, and for the future of the business.

Crisis Management

Advise clients how to proceed financially in a challenging or crisis situation.