Tia is a started her new accounting journey in April 2019. 

As a child, Tia found her greatest passion in reading and writing stories, and she found herself drawn to the different worlds she could create with only her imagination, a piece of paper, and a pen. 

She graduated college as an English major, hoping to obtain a job that allowed her to show her more creative side. She spent the next year and a half working part-time in retail as she searched for her dream job. It was there that she was introduced to Wolford Companies - a company that seemed full of wonderful employees who were fun and extremely good at what they do, as well as willing to take on a new college graduate with the drive and yearning to learn, and then to actually take the time to teach her. 

And suddenly, Tia’s dream job took a sharp turn into the crazy world of accounting, where people and their finances tell their own stories. 

Tia is now happily employed at Wolford Companies and is working hard to prove her worth and become the best she can be. Her main career goal now is to learn everything that Wolford Companies can teach her and to give back as much as she can to the company who gave her the opportunity to start her life.